Limelight Marketplace

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The Second Life of Limelight

UD - Limelight Marketplace Converting a church into a nightclub—sound logic.
Converting a nightclub that used to be a church into a mall—dubious, preposterous and more than a little brash. Consider us intrigued...

And thus we arrive at the new Limelight Marketplace, three floors of food artisans, coffee shops, clothing stores, roving magicians and opera singers in the old Church of the Holy Communion, more recently known as the mighty nightclub Limelight, opening next week.

If not quite your new destination spot, you may find yourself praying at this church in the company of your certain special someone(s). For those times, you will need a game plan, lest you end up browsing the whimsically shaped cakes at the Butterfly Bakeshop.

Thus we suggest heading right up to the third-floor balcony, where you can survey everything below you, reminisce about the dance floor, and drop by Jon Wye for handmade leather belts and dog collars—just like they used to wear on said dance floor.

Then head down to the gourmet food court, pass by the charcuterie plates, imported olive oils and Costa Rican coffee stands, and end up at a 24-hour outpost of Brooklyn Bridge pizza house Grimaldi's. Here you'll order whole pies (and only whole pies), acquire pitchers of beer and carafes of wine, and drink to the ghosts of Limelight past.

Resist the urge to try on your new dog collar.


Limelight Marketplace
656 Avenue of the Americas
(at 20th St)
New York, NY, 10001

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