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Twinkies, Dipped in Funnel Cake Batter

UD - Gorilla B's And now we arrive at the most important issue of the week: your dangerously low carnival-food content.

Here to help stabilize it: Gorilla B's, a shrine to all things battered and crispified—and a tribute to the subtle majesty of carnie food—now open way out on Bird Road.

Essentially, Gorilla B's is the first fry house in South Florida (and maybe the world?) to bring you all the culinary pleasures of the state fair, without the state fair.

As you approach the modest diner-like space, you will immediately be hit with the pleasing perfume of sizzling fat mingling with powdered sugar—also known as the unmistakable scent of funnel cake.

That's because the restaurant has made the bold decision to coat and dip everything from Oreos and Twinkies to Butterfingers and Snickers in a high-grade funnel cake batter made by the same Tennessee outfit that hooks up all the major state fair vendors in the country (you may have read about them in Carnival Food Monthly).

But just in case you're not jonesing for a batter-dipped Kit Kat on this particular day, they've also got heartier state fair options like Italian sausages, corn dogs, and breaded and fried burgers. They've even got mini-burgers in case you're trying to cut back.

Although, if you're trying to cut back, you might want to wait outside.


Gorilla B's
14709 Bird Rd
Miami, FL, 33185

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