The Life and Times of TIM

Something for Your Next Endless Meeting

UD - Bring TIM! Another Friday.

Which means another afternoon of end-of-week meetings. Pointless ones. That go on. For. Ever.

There's no way to avoid them either. Unless, say, you can present empirical evidence of what those pie-chart and PowerPoint slides of nothingness are costing your firm.

Now you can: introducing Bring TIM!, the first calculator that determines exactly how much money is being wasted during your mind-numbing office powwows, available now.

First of all: the appearance. We know. This thing looks like the sort of toss-away gift you'd find in a Brookstone. But if you can get over its unsightliness, it actually has a solid utility. Simply enter in the number of people sitting in whatever soul-draining board room you're forced to inhabit, punch in the average hourly rate for each employee, and hit the button right when the meeting kicks off.

As you and your co-workers pretend to pay dutiful attention while secretly pondering your first drink at the bar (or just doing some old-fashioned zoning out), TIM keeps a running tally of exactly how much dough this meeting is costing the company...

Turns out that blankly staring at motivational posters is quite expensive.

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