Sunday Pig Roasts at TenPenh

Bloody Sunday

Roast Pig and Lager on a Penn Ave Patio

UD - Sunday Pig Roasts at Ten Penh Pork. Too much of it can get you into trouble around here, what with all those investigative journalists and good-government types snooping around.

So listen up, because we know people are eavesdropping: we know of a place with lots of pork. An entire pig's worth, to be precise.

Introducing the Sunday Pig Roasts at TenPenh, beginning this week as the Pennsylvania Avenue power spot gets downright tiki-esque.

You've long known TenPenh as a spot to rub elbows with cabinet secretaries, but now it's where you'll cap your weekend with nose-to-tail carnivorous delights. Your whole-hog odyssey begins the night before, when Philippine-born chef Cliff Wharton dry rubs the 60-pound beast and brines it with garlic, oranges, soy and sake. At precisely 1:30pm on Sunday, he sets it atop a Chinese box roaster on the patio for four hours to bring some smoky charcoal flavor to the party.

You can arrive as early as 3pm to grab a bucket of San Miguel, catch a glimpse of your dinner and put in an early request for skin or trotters (call them earmarks if you like). When 5:30 hits, Wharton will reveal the hog in all its splendor, before carving it up into family-style portions, served along with three sauces and traditional Filipino sides like pancit noodles, braised green beans and steamed buns.

You'd lobby for this.


Sunday Pig Roasts at TenPenh
1001 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington, DC, 20004

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