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Your Computer Now Warms Coffee

UD - The Desktop Cup Warmer As a race, mankind has peered into the deepest parts of the cosmos, broken down the human genome and even dabbled in the emerging technology of edible underwear.

And yet, somehow, solving the problem of how to keep a cup of coffee hot at your desk has eluded us. Until now.

Introducing The Desktop Cup Warmer, a revolutionary new gadget that empowers your computer with heretofore unrealized coffee-warming capabilities, available now.

This, quite simply, is a game changer. Starting tomorrow morning, when you arrive at the office toting your piping hot cup of joe, you'll want to plug this piece of equipment into your USB port, place your cauldron of java on what we're calling the Coffee Docking Station, and sit back as the Desktop Cup Warmer uses electricity from your laptop (Macs and PCs welcome) to keep your brew at a steaming 133 degrees F. (As a reference point, 133 degrees F is just below "burn your tongue" strength beverage heat.)

Of course, come the p.m., your needs change, and the genius of the Desktop Cup Warmer is that it's also a Desktop Cup Cooler. Which means tomorrow afternoon, you can place a can of cola—or, say, Pabst Blue Ribbon—on the docking station, and the machine will retain its ice-cold refreshingness at a chilly 59 degrees F.

What this means for the future of the beer koozie, we're not quite sure.

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