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A Strategic New Midtown Lounge

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Things happen at work.

Meetings. Lunches. Mergers. Acquisitions. Stolen staplers.

Other things also happen at work.
Late nights. Subtle glances. Love on the copy machine...

And we're not saying you should get your pen involved with the company ink or fish off the company pier... We simply want to point you in the direction of a lush, oversize new lounge with nook after cranny of undercover workplace tryst potential.

It's called Covet, and it opens on Friday in Midtown.

The whole space is built for anonymity: it's a huge, two-floor lounge—covered in lush furs, precious metals, marble, rough-hewn wood—with a series of hallways, stairs and small rooms shooting off from the main restaurant (bypass this) and the main lounge (this is where you make your scene).

If you're here to canoodle, you'll want to focus your attention on the cocktails (built using ingredients like yuzu salt, bell peppers and dill) and the marble back bar to start.

And when it's time for a little privacy, there's a tiny corner of a room at the back right of the downstairs lounge, complete with a bed and a mirrored ceiling.

Which is slightly more comfortable than the copy machine.


137 E 55th St
(between Lexington and Third Ave)
New York, NY, 10022


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