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A Bar with a Secret Vinyl Stash

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There are times when visiting a bar is a deliberate, one-drink proposition: a quick beer before the Caps game. A nightcap before adjourning to more private quarters.

But there are other times. When you'd like to linger, let afternoon become night, your tippling perhaps aided by some green felt, absinthe... and Sly Stone.

For those times, we bring you Sidebar, opening today in Silver Spring to provide you with a new spot for destination drinking.

This is an all-day, all-purpose hideout, with plenty of booze to fuel your hours of exploits. You'll stroll in during late afternoon, belly up to the reclaimed bar, grab a bottle of Old Rasputin Imperial Stout and gravitate to the antique pool table.

After your eight-ball foes are vanquished, you'll make your way to the pop-up short order stove in the corner for some Chicago-style dogs and oxtail empanadas. You'll be tempted by one of the small cocktail tables in the window, but instead seek out one of the red vinyl banquettes, rescued from the now-defunct Market Inn, where the likes of LBJ, JFK and Charlie Wilson used to cavort (big cavorting shoes to fill, but we think you're up for it).

As night sets in, you can peruse the hundreds of classic rock and R&B LPs in the far corner before slapping one on the vintage turntable.

Feel free to stay for side two.

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