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New British Togs at Unionmade

UD - Folk You trust the Brits with the formal stuff.

Savile Row suits, bench-made shoes, afternoon tea.

But today we'd like to send word of a new, more casual brand of British style. They're called Folk, and they're bringing their modern, edgy weekend-wear from London to San Francisco for the first time, right now at Unionmade.

Brought to you by a team of eight—two designers and six avid zealots/devotees—working in a studio behind their London shop, everything in the collection can be traced back to handpicked mills and factories from around the world: shoes made of Italian leather in a family-owned factory in Portugal, jackets tailored in Hong Kong and merino sweaters from Uruguay.

It's the kind of slightly off-kilter gear—pants, shirts, sweaters and shoes—that you'll want to wear for spontaneous bouts of midday champagne consumption, casual Tuesdays in the Marina and a Sunday in Dolores Park.

All the pieces are built with clean lines and a good dollop of whimsy: "almost" cardigans, lightweight overshirt/jacket hybrids and sweatshirts with elbow patches on the inside that are perfect for standing out, but not in an outlandish way.

That would require elbow patches on the outside...


available at Unionmade
493 Sanchez St
(at 18th)
San Francisco, CA, 94114

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