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Doral Resort's First Latin Restaurant

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There is nothing like eagling a par five and then celebrating with a huge hormone-free steak and a loaded baked potato.

Although admittedly, it's been a while...

Here to help you accomplish that feat on your next golf-cart-related escapade: Mesazul, the new Argentina-tinged steakhouse just off the Blue Monster course at Doral, open now.

Like Arnold Palmer with a side of Angel Cabrera, Mesazul is an old-school steak emporium with a South American twist—and it's the first of Doral's seven restaurants to go Latin.

Which means you'll want to come in here after doing your best Tiger Woods impression (whether you choose the old, tail-chasing Tiger or the new, Zen-tastic Tiger is your choice), slide your weary, birdie-stained bones into a booth overlooking the 18th green you just conquered, and start replenishing those lost electrolytes with a few braised short ribs.

Or maybe you'll want a 14 oz Kurobuta Pork Chop—whatever meat you choose, you'll probably be giddy. (It's a little bit like reaching into Chi-Chi Rodriguez's trick bag.) All the beef and chops are aged up to four weeks, broiled at 1600 degrees to seal in the juices and served with three Argentinean chimichurri sauces: traditional, spicy cilantro and roasted red pepper.

We hear John Daly's a spicy cilantro man, FYI.

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