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There are two kinds of librarians.

(1) The bookish, silent type and (2) the bookish, silent type with a voracious pent-up sex drive.

Today, we'd like to introduce a third kind, and there's only one of her.

Meet Courtenay, a sexy Tequila Librarian with a wealth of knowledge on all manner of agave-related miscellany, plying her trade at Midtown's dark new underground tequila lair, La Biblioteca—taking reservations now for tequila tastings, and opening on Tuesday.

Housed in a dark, ornate, AvroKO-designed basement, La Biblioteca feels like the sitting room of a wealthy Spanish miser who spent years hoarding over 400 types of tequila—the walls and ceiling are black, the room is lit by dim golden lights, Persian rugs are strewn about, and the main chamber is lined with giant, tufted black sofas and old Mexican chairs covered in red velvet.

The end effect is a moody beauty of a lounge, a place where you'll drop by, peruse the tequila-lined cubbies under Courtenay's tutelage, and select a bottle to be kept for you under lock and key for future tastings, celebrations, happy hours and solo tequila study hall sessions—yes, we're talking about the city's first tequila locker.

When you return, your bottle will be summoned, gratis mixers for make-your-own margaritas will be brought to your table, and your library card will be marked.

Late fees may apply.


La Biblioteca
622 3rd Ave
(at 40th St)
New York, NY, 10017


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