Prey Day

Tracking a Laptop Thief, 007-Style

UD - Prey You have secrets. Some you carry with you—Ursula Andress herself couldn't drag those out of you.

But some secrets are less secure—like the ones on your laptop.

Which brings us to Prey, basically an arsenal of secret weapons for trapping would-be thieves and keeping your dossier of state secrets safe.

Essentially, it's like LoJack for your laptop. You'll install the program, and then... forget about it. Until one day, when (hypothetically) you're sitting alone on a park bench, and a sensational blonde with a black trench coat and suspiciously long legs sits down next to you. She smiles, and while there's something about her you just can't put your finger on (though you'd like to), you smile back. Chitchat is exchanged—Is her accent Romanian? you wonder—and soon she trundles up her umbrella, her jacket and, slyly, your briefcase before slinking off.

She's taken the bait. You flip on your smartphone's browser and log in to the Prey website to activate Prey remotely. As your computer starts searching for nearby Wi-Fi connections, Prey begins finding its location via its spy satellites (okay, so it's GPS).

You'll see the files she's looking at and the programs she's using, and if you have a built-in camera, you'll also see a few incriminating snaps of the person in front of it.

For your eyes only, of course.

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