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A night at the world-famous Disney Hall has always left you awe-inspired—but honestly, you couldn't help but wonder when some Moonshine Meatloaf would factor in.

Ladies and gentlemen, that day is (almost) at hand—presenting your first look inside First & Hope, a swanky new booze-soaked supper club hosting a preview party in a few short days.

Just steps away from that Gehry madness (translation: you're only parking once tonight) is this '50s hideaway, tucked into the apex of a strip mall, for all your pre- and post-show needs. (Also: two-martini lunches.)

To the right is the bar, led by a couple of cocktail kings you may know—Aidan Demarest and Marcos Tello of the Edison. They're doing some throwback brandy cocktails here, some mixed tableside... and everybody looks like extras on Mad Men. (The show's costumers handled the uniforms.)

If you're heading straight to the dining room on the left, they've got drink pairings ready for your dinner—think Beer Can Chicken with a pitcher of Bourbon Ginger Lemonade. And post-Disney Hall, come back and sneak into the covert back room called Fedora—there's a second bar here, and a chanteuse or jazz band on stage.

Monday's cocktail party is your first chance to see the spot in person, and the soft-opening is expected about a week later.

We hope.

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