Things to do for March 18, 2010

The Weekender

Bellinis, Kimchi and All-You-Can-Eat Wings

The weekend has been known to abuse a pile of wings.

A Bellini Bar Is Born

A Bellini Bar Is Born

If you're beered out from Patty's Day, know that restaurant Dante is launching a new Friday and Saturday Bellini bar, where you can land one of Hemingway's favorite cocktails made to order for $9. Choose from traditional (prosecco with peach puree) to an alternating array of fresh-fruit purees. Prosecco with prosecco puree doesn't count, by the way...

Fri-Sat starting Mar 19, 5-7pm, Dante, 40 Edwin H Land Blvd, Cambridge, 617-497-4200

Sliders and Burgundy in Waltham

Sliders and Burgundy in Waltham

In an effort to increase your appreciation of the complex Burgundy wine, Gordon's is hosting a three-hour tasting of over 15 different Burgundies on Saturday (paired with plenty of beef and shrimp sliders), and in a move befitting your regal stature, they'll be passing out some bubbly as you walk through the door. If only they could make the same happen at the office...

Mar 20, 1-3pm, $30, Gordon's, 894 Main St, Waltham, 781-893-1900

Boston's Biggest Kimchi Festival

Boston's Biggest Kimchi Festival

If you've ever been slightly curious about the wide and various ways one can prepare and jar the pickled-cabbage delicacy known as kimchi, this is your event. For three hours you can sample the multitude of incarnations of this classic Korean food, check out some tae kwon do demonstrations or just marvel at all the jarred goods flanking your every turn.

Mar 21, 3-6pm, $5, TP Church, 1859 Centre St, West Roxbury, 617-325-4439

Blue Room Starts Retail Night for Wine

Blue Room Starts Retail Night for Wine

Starting this Sunday, anytime you hit up the Blue Room for a bite to eat and decide it's a bottle versus glass of wine night, you'll be happy to hear that any bottle that's on the menu or carried at their Central Bottle store is stripped of restaurant markup and available at basic retail cost. Could become a multiple bottles of wine night...

Sundays starting Mar 21, The Blue Room, 1 Kendall Square, Cambridge, 617-494-9034

All-You-Can-Eat Wings in Allston

All-You-Can-Eat Wings in Allston

Mondays are normally spent pondering the impossible idea that it's only Monday. So if you're looking for some shelter from the storm, be aware that Soul Fire BBQ has you covered with a killer Monday all-you-can-eat wings deal starting at 5pm. Choose from buffalo, hickory smoked, spicy honey, Southern fried or the surprise flavor of the week, like apple bacon.

Mondays, 5-10pm, $8.99, Soul Fire BBQ, 182 Harvard Ave, Allston, 617-787-3003

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