Getting Some iLove

Scoring with your iPod

UrbanDaddy-Pod Dater It hooked us up with music, then it hooked us up with videos. Now our trusty iPod might actually hook us up where it really counts: women.

Though still in beta mode, PodDater is the first dating site we found that combines our love for the ladies with our need to focus on anything but our actual surroundings. What we like most is that we can fine-tune our choices with tags like "wine," "sex" and our personal favorite, "daddy," before downloading our personal picks—to go.

Not surprisingly, being greeted by video profiles like that of 23-year-old "Videovixen" as opposed to the half-naked overweight hamburger-eating guy we usually see on the 6 train has made our morning commute (almost) semi-pleasant. No iPod or video iPod? Not to worry, you can load PodDater personals onto any portable media player that recognizes the M4V format.

Did we mention Videovixen likes bars, sports and the color pink...

Leave it to iPod to find us the perfect girl.

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