In the Bag

Resuscitating Your Drowned Gadgets

UD - Bheestie Bag Accidents happen.

You spill things. Drop things. Spill things, then drop things—well, maybe not you per se, but someone you might know.

But since the truly chivalrous must always be prepared, we've scouted out something that will be indispensable in your arsenal of MacGyver-ish saves.

Welcome the Bheestie Bag, a mysterious, futuristic sack that dries out soaked electronics, available now.

Think of this magic bag as the 21st-century equivalent of laying your trench coat over a puddle. We're not really sure how it works (we hear that superabsorbent beads are involved), and we're a little frightened of this shiny satchel, but as we hit the height of rainy season, and puddles gather depth and girth, you'll want to do everything in your power to ensure that the city's—or at least your date's—gadgets are safe.

Post-puddle incident, depending on the severity of the soakage, just slip her waterlogged Kindle into the Bheestie for a few hours, or even overnight, to restore it to its former glory.

It's also good for your iPod after a long run, or your watch after getting caught in the rain.

But let's focus on chivalry.

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