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A Martini Garnish That Looks Like Sex

UD - Filthy Food When it comes to a dirty martini, your philosophy is simple: the dirtier the better. (Incidentally, this is also your philosophy about Cinemax.)

So it makes sense that to create the perfect dirty martini, you should use a garnish that is itself dirty. Filthy, actually...

Introducing the Filthy Pickle From Filthy Food, the dirtiest-minded new martini garnish in town, available now.

Devised by a couple of barkeeps who honed their craft at bars around the city (and now ply their trade at the W's Living Room), the Filthy Pickle should we put this delicately...well, you may look at it and notice that it resembles something else. Something you're quite fond of.

As the creators point out on their surprisingly sexy website (thanks mainly to some amazing voiceover work by a Brit who makes Jessica Rabbit sound like a librarian), "a beautiful, fleshy, seductive olive is the perfect place to put a firm, filthy little pickle."

Just check out the website—you'll see what we mean.


Filthy Pickle From Filthy Food

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