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Your New Upscale Barbecue Roadhouse

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Barbecue. You need it. You love it. You shudder to think of a world without it.

Good news: there's more of it coming your way. So napkin up.

Introducing Q, a mouthwatering mother of a barbecue hall, opening with a bang (and free beer, shots and 'cue samples) tomorrow in the Design District.

Simply put, Q is the classy BBQ joint of your tangy, sauce-laden dreams (you know, the one about you, a plate of ribs, Paula Patton and the cast of Bones).

Stepping in, you'll feel like you've entered an old dusty Texas roadhouse...without any of the dust. Think wooden flea market tables, black-and-white photos of backyard barbecues, concert posters from back when Willie Nelson's pigtails were just a glint in his eye...and a gas station pump that's frozen at $0.28/gallon.

You're going to want to come in with a meat lover or three and order up something from the 6,000-pound, 9-foot-tall custom Bewley barbecue pit (it's the Hummer of BBQ pits)—we strongly advise the Q-Zillah, a pile of dry-rubbed spare ribs, slow-roasted baby back ribs, pulled pork, pit beans and housemade pickles, washed down with something bourbony like Kentucky Lemonade (regular lemonade, plus Maker's, Beam and Wild Turkey).

And if you stop by tomorrow's massively generous grand-opening hoedown, you'll be treated to free beer, shots of Jack, samples of barbecue and live blues (8pm to 2am).

Everything's bigger in the Design District.

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