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UrbanDaddy in Your Pants

Your life is not unlike a choose-your-own-adventure novel.

What you should be doing at 11pm depends on what you just did at 9pm, and who you're with, and where you are.

And up until now, we haven't been able to give you all the answers. But those days, we're happy to report, are deader than Larry Bird's short shorts.

Enter and bow down to the application that will change your life forever: the UrbanDaddy iPhone app, The Next Move, now live in Boston.

Simply put, The Next Move is like having an UrbanDaddy editor in your pants pocket at all hours of the night, telling you where to go and what to do next based on a few key factors. In addition to removing the heavy burden of planning from your life, the other advantage here is that you don't have to buy bigger pants.

So say you're in the middle of dinner with your ex in Beacon Hill, and things are getting, shall we say, nostalgic...and you're wondering where you might grab a couple of martinis the size of bathtubs. Tell The Next Move where you are and what you're looking for, and it'll suggest the perfect place to extend your evening.

It also won't judge you, which is nice.

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