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Strawberry Sangria and Raspberry Flat Cakes

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In the annals of people with names, there have been a lot of good Morgans. Joe, Freeman, Spurlock.

But none of them has been able to offer you what you really wanted: the oozing richness of a grilled cheese sandwich.

Which brings us to Morgans Restaurant, a mellow spot in Wynwood that opens for dinner tomorrow night, thus ending a prolonged soft-opening period.

Think of Morgans as the hipster-friendly, eco-conscious comfort-food palace your grandmother would have opened had she experimented more readily with panko-crusted tofu and strawberry sangria. The chicken and eggs are free-range and organic, the beef is grass-fed, and they've spent the last month honing their soul-warming Praline Pecan Bread Pudding and Raspberry Flat Cakes. (The owner used to run Blu Dog Bakery, so the baked goods aren't just goods, they're more like excellents.)

Located in a restored 1930s house, the place has a relaxed neighborly vibe, perfect for lazy Sunday brunches feasting on banana cinnamon smoothies on the outdoor patio, or cozy dates inside at the bar, working your way through South American wine and reworked comfort food like Naked Chicken Pot Pie.

And as for that Voluptuous Grilled Cheese, it's white cheddar, Gruyère and Brie melted between two pieces of grilled sourdough for an obscenely indulgent combo.

It's the Marilyn Monroe of grilled cheeses.


Morgans Restaurant
28 NE 29th St
Miami, FL, 33132


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