Have a Blast

You, a Fireplace and a Little TNT

UD - Dynamite Fire Starters As today reminds us, winter is not without its problems. You, fortunately, are not without solutions.

For the snow, there's the snowplow. For the cold, there's whiskey. And for kindling a roaring fire, there are high-powered explosives.

Proving once again that there's no hurdle in life that a good stick of TNT can't overcome, we bring you Dynamite Fire Starters, the quickest connection between you and a roaring fire.

Now the first thing you—and your significant other, landlord or insurance adjuster—need to know about Dynamite Fire Starters is that, sadly, there's no actual dynamite in them. However, thanks to its tightly compressed sawdust and paraffin composition, these tube-shaped kindling logs do have the uncanny appearance of something that could have hollowed out the Thornton Quarry.

And that shape is designed to get your fireplace blazing with alarming swiftness, giving you more time for more important things like swirling brandy, toasting marshmallows or just getting rid of evidence of last night's brandy-and-marshmallow soiree. Yet, because these arrive in a replica vintage dynamite storage box, stamped as the Black Rock Powder Co., you'll always be reminded of their power to get things moving.

Just store away from lit wicks.

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