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Your New Seafood Temple on Lincoln Road

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
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We think you should change your name. Not totally, just move a couple letters around. Spice things up.

And while you're at it, move into a bigger place.

It seems to be working for Altamare, the new seafood den from the owners of AltaMar, now taking reservations for their Friday debut.

So here's what happened. AltaMar had flawless seafood and bustling atmosphere. But the dining room was sorta cramped and there wasn't much privacy. So they've gone and decamped to larger digs next door (designed by the person behind Mynt and the Shore Club). And while they were at it, they decided to hire a Michael's Genuine alum to steer the culinary ship (in a brand-new open kitchen) and tweak the name (altamare means "high seas" in Italian, FYI).

But that still left the issue of privacy. Which is why the owners went ahead and built a private dining room with its own entrance, access to the kitchen (for checking up on your golden tilefish and pork loins wrapped in cured fat) and its own bathroom...

Consider it a personal seafood cabin.

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