Bottled Up

Your Newest Local Beer, Direct From Belgium

UD - Antigoon Beer by Brasserie Beck If the Snowpocalypse taught you anything, it's the overwhelming necessity of stocking up on essentials. Gas for the generator. Batteries. Megan Fox movies.

And, of course, rare beer.

Which brings us to Antigoon, a legendary local brew previously available only via a solitary tap on K Street, now hitting store shelves to anchor your provisions through the next such emergency.

You may have taken a draw of this Belgian brew in the past, during your afternoon "client relations" meetings at Brasserie Beck. The double blonde was developed with the help of some intense Belgian brewers (as if there's any other kind) known as the Brouwerij De Musketiers, and it actually helped Thor Cheston, Beck's beer director, get knighted by the beer guild in Brussels. (A warning: once you've had a knight's beer, it's tough to go back.)

And now, for the first time, they're bottling it. It comes in a 750ml version—complete with corks and wire cages—and, at this very minute, it's on a ship approaching our shores, where it's due to arrive any day (icebergs notwithstanding) for your closer-to-home client relations. When it gets here, expect something citrusy and yeasty, but a little less potent than your typical Belgian.

By which we mean Jean-Claude Van Damme.


Available soon at Chevy Chase Wine & Spirits
5544 Connecticut Ave NW
Washington, DC, 20015

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