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Winter is a time of romance.

A time of snow bunnies, huddling up with a bottle of scotch beneath cashmere blankets, and fireside chats.

Or skipping the chats in lieu of more scotch and huddling up.

Which brings us to Polar, your new wintertime underground lounge, fortress of solitude and Icelandic spirit bar complete with three VIP private ice caves perfect for unhurried winter evenings, opening Tuesday.

To be clear, this is not the scene of your next post-work happy hour blowout. Tucked away below Gramercy's Hotel Marcel, Polar's the kind of swanky ice den where you'll want to meet up with a special someone to steel yourselves with warming cocktails before venturing back into the wild (which is the well-known street name for your boudoir).

As you leave the frigid outdoors and pass beneath the unassuming neon sign heralding "Cocktails," you may experience a few moments of disorientation. The place looks cold: a low-lit lounge of silver brick walls, curvy glass tables and sprawling day couches that resemble cushy icebergs. But soon you'll find yourself sipping on Scandinavian cocktails (note: frozen grapes are involved) and sampling small plates from 'inoteca above, like Truffle Egg Toast. Standard Antarctica cuisine.

And let's say your intentions aren't suitable for public display (or you just want to make some snowless snow angels). You'll whisk her away to the private VIP ice cave decked with mirrors and more silver bricks, draw the curtains and forget the frozen world above.

Bring a blanket.


201 E 24th St
(near Third Ave)
New York, NY, 10010
(212) 292-7502


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