Good Vibrations

Your New Magical Music Shaker

UD - TuneBug Vibe A little alchemy goes a long way.

It turns lead into gold. Water into wine. A naked guy in Cosmo into your next Senator from Massachusetts.

And now: inanimate objects into walls of sound.

Meet Tunebug Vibe, a new gadget that can make speakers out of things that aren't speakers, available now.

So from now on, all you'll need to broadcast your iPod's awe-inspiring playlist of yacht-rock is the nearest box, table or intern's back. It works (as all good things do) through vibration—plug in your MP3 player (or hook up your phone wirelessly with Bluetooth), place it on a nearby surface (empty boxes work best, though any old desk will do just fine) and behold as it starts shaking and blasting your tunes. So basically it's like having a magical, trembling rock-and-roll goblin tucked inside of a metal gadget about half the size of a computer mouse. (A goblin with unusually good taste in vintage soul.)

And while the sound isn't going to replace those floor-to-ceiling numbers in your apartment, the device is ideal for road warriors—smaller than dragging portable speakers (or an iPod dock) around the country, and easy to set up for making a little noise in your hotel room.

Not that you really need a gadget to do that.

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