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UD - Secret Safe Books Rumor has it that Steve Jobs has something planned for tomorrow. Nothing big, just the usual stuff: forever altering the way you listen to music, watch movies and read books. Or so we hear.

So let's get ready. Obviously, the first thing you'll want to do is throw your iPods and iPhones to the floor and grind them under your heel in disgust. That takes care of the music and movies.

Now for those antiquated books. Today you may be tempted just to burn them for warmth. But let's be practical...especially when they make such good places to hide your watches, gems and booze.

Introducing Secret Safe Books, giving your beloved library a boozy second life, starting now.

Just send your suddenly good-for-nothing book—that autographed first edition of The Sun Also Rises, The American Heritage Dictionary or even your dog-eared copy of Tuesdays With Morrie—to this Chicago-based craftswoman. Then she'll carefully carve out a specially designed nook within the pages to store your dirty little secrets (rejuvenating eye cream-shaped hiding places are so hard to find). Finally, the rest of the pages are glued in place to ensure that you have an impenetrable hideaway.

But if you're looking for something more—forgive us—off the shelf, the shop sells pre-made options: for instance, Prince of Tides with a 6-ounce whiskey flask already hidden inside.

You'll find that helps when you watch the movie.

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