Conversing With Time

The Alarm Clock You Can Yell At

UD - Moshi Alarm Clock We've all had those mornings.

The sun has just begun to rise, your head is on fire (it was a long night) and the crushing noise ruining your pleasant slumber is your alarm clock—your old nemesis.

You go to end its rude awakening, yet you can't seem to reach the snooze button. If only it would respond to your cries for silence...

Introducing the Moshi Alarm Clock, the first alarm clock to listen to the sweet sound of your voice and actually respond to it, like the good little inanimate object it is.

Think of Moshi as the closest thing you can get to the HAL computer from 2001, if HAL were resigned to just getting you out of bed in the morning. When ready, simply greet it with a "Hello, Moshi" and then instruct it to do your bidding across 12 different categories, be it checking the temperature, asking or setting the time (avoiding the perilous "hour/minute" button on most clocks) and even instructing it to activate the much worshipped snooze button, without actually having to hit the button (or smash it, on some mornings).

And just to show you it's not all about getting you up in the morning, you can verbally command it to offer up soothing sleep sounds like ocean, forest and white noise to lull you into a perfect sleep.

To be used when a bottle of bourbon isn't handy.

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