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Like Flickr Meets Lampshades

UD - Lamp-in-a-Box Art is everywhere you look.

Museums. Clouds. The Victoria's Secret catalogue.

And now, at long last, it's come to the one place on this great big earth where it matters most: your lampshade.

Yes, the day you've been hoping and praying for is upon us at last. So it's time you expressed yourself with the power of light and fabric.

Introducing Lamp-in-a-Box DIY Shades, a first-of-its-kind site that lets you turn any jpeg into a full-on lampshade, online now.

Think of it as a circular canvas for showcasing your advanced photography skills to whomever drops by. You go to the site, download a quick sizing guide for your photos (you wouldn't want a compressed picture in your living room) and then upload your pic to the site. Basically, it's like Flickr, if Flickr threw in a lampshade with every upload.

Then, a few weeks later, you'll have your very own lampshade, decorated with whatever jpeg you see fit. Emeril's face for the kitchen, of course. And maybe a photo of the word light for the living room. (You're postmodern like that.) And finally, something a little racier for the bedroom—an angel on one side table and a devil on the other.

Or a picture of your mom with a horrified look on her face...

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