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Your Typical Elvis-Themed Barber/Tattoo Shop

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Ladies and gentlemen, Elvis has left the building.

And resurfaced in a former motorcycle garage. Which happens to be a barbershop. That does tattoos. And hands out scotch. While peddling vintage Playboys. All underneath a rooftop bar.

Leave it to the King...

Revel in the majesty of Graceland, a rock-and-roll barbershop, open Friday in Williamsburg to reduce your hair count, up your body ink quotient and satisfy—or passionately ignite—your Elvis obsession.

Precipitously toeing the dangerous, previously unseen junction of hipster and Elvis kitsch, Graceland is the rockabilly salon/saloon that fat Elvis might actually hang out at if he were alive and kicking today. Your journey begins as you pass beneath crystal chandeliers, enter the dark wood library of a main room—studded with an upright piano, vintage books and plenty of animal-skin rugs—and settle into one of their four early 1900s barber chairs. Here, as "Love Me Tender" spins on the record player, you'll calmly submit to the precision artistry of razor-wielding, Elvis-obsessed barbers and body scribes who happened to recently tat up the likes of Guns N' Roses.

As an added bonus, they share a roof deck and a love of bourbon with soon-to-open next door saloon Night of Joy, cousin of the West Village bar The Dove Parlour. So, with your hair trimmed and your freshly inked Mom tattoo, you can head next door to test your new badassery on the viewing public.

And see if you can track down a peanut-butter-and-banana sandwich.


677 Lorimer St
(between Withers and Frost)
Brooklyn, NY, 11211


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