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Your First Look Inside STK

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We know a game-changer when we see one.

And when it comes to glitzy restaurants making their triumphant debut, this city has had its share. But nothing quite measures up to what we're presenting to you today…

Allow us to bring you the first look inside STK, possibly the sexiest steakhouse to ever hit Miami's shores, opening tonight at the Gansevoort.

What Kafka was to literature, what Larry Csonka was to the fullback position, this outpost is to steakhouses. In other words, you'll never think about anything that came before or after it the same way again.

Which is quite a statement, we realize, but we think when you step inside this cavernous, blue-hued mega-dining hall of red-meat pleasure, you'll share our excitement.

Started in New York and perfected in LA, the Miami STK consists of two floors, with a catwalk mezzanine in between that's perfect for either vamping with your 16-ounce rib eye or surveying the crowd below. The place works as a date spot but could also double as the scene for your next over-the-top bachelor party. (For the latter, you'll probably want to check into one of four private dining suites, tastefully named after burlesque stars, e.g. "The Tempest Storm" and "The Candy Barr.")

But to begin, start off at the bar with a Pink Elephant (pear-infused vodka with mint and lime) or perhaps something less…pastel, and when you're ready to dive into the menu, head upstairs for well-aged steaks that come in small, medium and large, running the gamut from a 6 oz. Filet Medallion to a 34 oz. Cowboy Rib.

When in doubt, always go cowboy.

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