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You've got nothing against the grape in all its boozy forms.

You know your Napas from your Nebbiolos. You even know your bottles from your boxes.

But the time does come to put down the pinot in favor of a tall glass of lager and a perfectly medium-rare burger.

In this spirit, we bring you Alliance Tavern, risen from the ashes of the wine-and-cheese-centric Enology Wine Bar, to bring you microbrews and a winter-ready menu.

Think of this as the kind of neighborhood place in which a 1940's union man would be at home—that is, if he had an affinity for artisan ales, smoked salmon and fries with truffled mayo. As you take your seat in the airy space, ringed with eight-foot windows, you'll notice rusty bolts affixed to the walls, antique tools and labor posters, and vintage diecast cars on the ledges of the booths.

As you settle in with a Duck Rabbit Brown Ale (think Daffy and Bugs, but maltier) you'll also notice the four flat-screens in the dining room, and another four in the bar, all the better to take in the weekend's Redskins-free playoff action over plates of Roadhouse Chili, Red Hook ESB–Marinated Steak and Cioppino With Shrimp, Clams and Local Fish.

And, yes, they still have 65 wines by the glass.

In case you swore off hops for the new year.


Alliance Tavern
3238 Wisconsin Ave, NW
(at Macomb St)
Washington, DC, 20016


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