Things to do for December 24, 2009

The Weekender

Self-Serve Froyo, Mad Monk Beer and Half-Off Nighties

The weekend is putting out a plate of scotch and cookies.

Feast of the Seven Fishes at Incanto

Feast of the Seven Fishes at Incanto

Celebrate Christmas Eve like the Italians do at this three-course feast featuring seven kinds of fish. Expect the bounty of the sea to appear in dishes like seafood salad and spaghettini with sardines. But you'll be glad to know that the Chocolate Panforte Cake is fish-free.

$45 (wine not included), 5:30-9pm, Dec 24, Incanto, 1550 Church (at Duncan), 415-641-4500

Emerald Bowl BBQ at Elixir

Emerald Bowl BBQ at Elixir

Whether you're pulling for USC or Boston College, Elixir will be neutral territory. At least five TVs will be tuned into the game, and the hibachi will be in full force rolling out charcoal-grilled brats, ribs and burgers. Add daylong drink specials and the game almost seems like an afterthought.

3pm, Dec 26, Elixir, 3200 16th St (at Guerrero), 415-552-1633

Agent Provocateur Winter Sale

Agent Provocateur Winter Sale

When you hear "babydoll nighties" and "lacy corsets" in the same sentence as "half-off," we know what you're thinking. And that'll happen in time. But first head down to Union Square and pick up a few at a discount of up to 50 percent.

Cultivé Frozen Yogurt Opening

Cultivé Frozen Yogurt Opening

This new froyo shop's got flavors like cinnamon bun and cake batter as well as your standby chocolate. Since it's self-serve, you can mix and match them (chocolate cake batter sounds about right) and go to town with as many as 50 toppings, including Cap'n Crunch, cheesecake bits and mochi. But probably not all at once.

Cultivé Yogurt, 1998 Union St (at Buchanan)

UD HOOKUP: Mention UrbanDaddy on Dec 27, and get a free eight-ounce yogurt

Monk's Kettle Vertical Beer Tasting

Monk's Kettle Vertical Beer Tasting

We all know those monks know how to brew a beer, so imagine what a mad one could do. Taste the extremely limited bourbon-barrel-aged North Coast Imperial Stout Old Rasputin in honor of the 93rd anniversary of the death of Rasputin—aka the "Mad Monk"—and toast when insanity, friars and alcohol come together.

5pm to close, Dec 29, Monk's Kettle, 3141 16th St (at Guerrero), 415-865-9523

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