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Introducing the Biometric Wallet

UD - iWallet Of all the valuable lessons of 2009—don't sext your mistress, always fly with Sully—protect your bankroll may be at the top of the list.

Which is why you need the type of wallet that even James Bond might deem "a bit much."

Meet the iWallet, the latest scientific breakthrough in cash-carrying technology, available now.

Here's what you need to know: While your buddies are walking around town with their cash inside flimsy money clips or overstuffed wallets, you'll be confident in the knowledge that your greenbacks are firmly entrenched inside a biometric, carbon-fiber pocket fortress that looks like an ordinary wallet (give or take a tiny thumbprint scanner).

The first thing you'll do is charge it up via USB. Then, you'll swipe your finger five times across the face, so it will begin recognizing you. (Basically, just like when you meet a human.) A little green light will flash, and you're good to go.

From that moment on, your wallet will only open after you swipe your finger. If someone else tries it, the little light stays red, and your wallet stays locked. (They're even adding GPS tracking next year, so you can actually hunt down your stolen wallet, Charles Bronson-style.) Oh, and in case the fingerprint thing isn't enough, the company will also let you get it engraved. 

"Death Wish" sounds good.

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