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Bars That Open at 8am

We're not saying extended time spent with family is anything less than a joyous, spiritual and soul-warming occasion. But let's be clear: a list of city taverns that open their welcoming doors at the hospitable hour of 8am just might come in handy at some point during the next two weeks. Break this glass in case of emergency.

UD - Jeremy's Ale House

Jeremy's Ale House

Not as lively since the fish market moved, but still there's nothing better than drinking Styrofoam quarts of Coors this early in the morning. Unless you're doing so underneath a hanging cascade of old bras.

UD - Spring Lounge

Spring Lounge

Drink there between 8am and noon for 30 days to officially join the bar's Early Morning Drinking Society. You'll gain the privilege of carrying the prestigious and coveted membership card. But you unfortunately have to BYO velour tracksuit.

UD - Rudy's Bar & Grill

Rudy's Bar & Grill

The hot dogs are free, the bartender has a limp and no one seems to mind that fellow passed out in a booth. Some might call it rock bottom, but we prefer "beloved cultural institution."

UD - Biddy Early's Pub

Biddy Early's Pub

Sure, fratty beer pong rules this place at night, but the early shift is filled with the strangely perfect mix of amped firefighters getting off the job and traders who need a shot and a pint on their way to man the Credit Swaps desk.

UD - Nevada Smiths

Nevada Smiths

The bad news is that it's only open early for soccer matches. The good news is that's pretty often and they tend to draw scores of expats from the competing countries. If only Brazil could play Sweden every day.

UD - Billymark's West

Billymark's West

After the party is the afterparty. When the after-afterparty winds down at 8am, the party finds itself at this hazy dive for a gin & tonic and one last dance to the jukebox filled with classic Motown.

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