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UrbanDaddy's New York Holiday Gift Guide

We don't want to alarm you, but you don't have a lot of time. You've got a scant few days to attend to anyone deserving of your generosity who's still giftless. Luckily, we had an idea this might happen. Thus, our modest compendium of last-minute gifts aimed at fooling would-be recipients into thinking they're not last-minute gifts.

UD - Rare Ancient White Park Steer

Rare Ancient White Park Steer

Only 1400 of these historically delicious cattle exist in the world, and 75 of those are going on the block this month. A couple hundred bucks will buy you enough ultra-rare steak to take care of just about everyone you know, but if you're really serious, we suggest shelling out for the whole cow. At the very least, your status amongst butchers and meatmongers will be through the roof.

UD - Billykirk Card Cases

Billykirk Card Cases

Possibly the only item on this list guaranteed to make it through to next Christmas, this wallet/card case is made from a nearly indestructible scrap of leather, and outfitted with the most rugged adornments available. And if you want to dress it up, they'll brand the giftee's initials onto the front, or any word up to seven characters long—which should give you just enough room to spell "T-Bone."

Get it here, add $20 for monogramming on #92 or #155, order by Dec 16

UD - Calvisius Osetra Caviar at Zabar's

Calvisius Osetra Caviar at Zabar's

Already making waves in caviar circles, Calvisius Osetra comes from Russian sturgeon raised on a sustainable farm in Italy (think of it as beluga's vacation home). That means you get the famous nutty Russian sturgeon flavor without having to pay beluga prices. Not to mention the whole sustainable thing, which may hold your attention for a minute until the vodka and blini show up...

2245 Broadway (at 80th St), 212-787-2000, also available online

UD - Yankee Stadium Pens

Yankee Stadium Pens

There's a lot of Yankee worship going around at the moment, and while we're not on the bandwagon…we're not above a few strategic gifts. These pens, for instance, borrow the handle's wood from former Yankee Stadium bleachers, making them perfect for anyone hoping to appear on Page Six with A-Rod.

UD - The Momofuku Cookbook

The Momofuku Cookbook

Your culinary-minded friends may have seen this one already (possibly on the Internet), but odds are the pork master's new expletive-laden cooking tome failed to make it onto some deserving bookshelves. Consider it your duty in your continued quest to spread the gospel of the mighty pork bun.

UD - Slurtles From Liddabit

Slurtles From Liddabit

It's hard to argue against something sweet, alcoholic and bite-size. These treats pour dark chocolate and a surprisingly potent beer caramel over a humble potato chip, resulting in a poppable tribute to the mid-morning holiday buzz—so it should come in handy when you run out of champagne.

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