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Boots From Texas (via Istanbul)

UD - Helm Handmade Boots This week hasn't been easy. The rumors. The text messages. The mistresses.

Oh, sorry—we thought you were someone else. Well, the point remains: it's been a long week.

So go ahead and kick up your feet. And while you're at it, take a moment to reconsider what you're wearing on them—and whether your feet can stand a little dose of Texas.

Introducing Helm Handmade Boots, a new line of badass footwear from Austin, available now.

First off, we know what you're thinking: cowboy boots. But don't worry—while we're sure these could help you lasso any steer in need of wrasslin', you should know that these are more like what Willie Nelson would wear to a dinner party…in Europe. In other words: tough, stylish and maybe a little bit ornery.

To make them, the designer combines the best bits of old work boots (hearty zippers, heartier leathers) with elements of dress shoes (fancy soles), before he ships most of the designs off to Istanbul, where they're hand made in Turkey, which is apparently renowned for its shoemakers. (We're as surprised as you are.) As with all great experiments, not quite everything succeeds—but we think you'll like the Tante ankle boot or the calfskin Ray Ray, which looks like what Indiana Jones would wear to his day job.

Whip not included.

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