Gimme S'more at Restaurant Eve

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Presenting the Liquid S'more

UD - Gimme S'more Cocktail at Restaurant Eve Once upon a time, you had your summertime campfire treats. And in winter, you had your wintertime hot toddies. And they were as separate as reality show wannabes and White House State Dinners. Until now.

Presenting the Gimme S'more Cocktail at Restaurant Eve, kicking your seasonal affective disorder before it even gets started.

We know what you're thinking: they throw a s'more in a blender with a shot of bourbon. But trust us, we're dealing with something next-level here. Mixologist Todd Thrasher starts his new masterpiece with a large jar of rum (the genesis of many a great project) and adds honey, cinnamon and nutmeg, which over four days of steeping in the sunshine turns into none other than homemade graham cracker liqueur (like a Nabisco-brand moonshine).

Once that nostalgic brew is safely in your glass, it gets a hit of Cardenal Mendoza Spanish Brandy and house-made Mexican hot chocolate (so now your liquid s'more is international—and bilingual).

You might have sensed a coup de grâce coming, and we're not here to disappoint. Thrasher then covers the top of your dessert-in-a-glass with a layer of fresh marshmallow foam, takes up his torch and brulées the top for a little of that campfire crunch, before placing it in front of you and your chocolate-loving date.

What, you didn't think there'd be fire...


Gimme S'more at Restaurant Eve
110 S. Pitt St
Alexandria, VA, 22314

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