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The Beer Hall the Village Deserves

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Getting a beer in the Village can be a dangerous game.

One fraught with perilous obstacles like roving packs of undergraduates, flying stray beer-pong balls and endless Bon Jovi.

And so, here to change the game in the neighborhood with a truly remarkable attempt at assembling the best craft beers in the world is Amity Hall, a safehouse, temple and all-around congregation hall of beer, open now.

As you might hope for in a large refuge involving beer, Amity is built into an old furniture warehouse dating back to the '20s, and it keeps the vintage industrial feel—tables made out of old radiators, lots of dark wood and communal butcher block tables.

And it's here you and your team of beer scientists will perform extensive field research at what feels like the Whole Foods beer room magically turned into a bar. Amity pretty much covers all bases: lagers, Trappists, ales, lambics, ciders and 20 rotating craft beers on draft to match the 20 big guns they've tapped for their house list.

And even though you're certainly going for the beer, they've assembled a list of hearty fare to stand up to the Victory Golden Monkey ale you're ruminating on: short rib dumplings, stuffed burgers and even a Thanksgiving dinner sandwich.

In case you feel like you have unfinished business from last week.

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