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Introducing the Disposable Flask

UD - Sneak-It-In Disposable Flasks The first rule of subterfuge is: "always have a Plan B."

Actually, we have no idea what the first rule of subterfuge is. But we know that when it comes to sneaking booze into places that don't want you to sneak booze into them, it's a pretty good rule.

So allow us to introduce you to a backup.

Enter Sneak-It-In Disposable Flasks, a portable—and more importantly, disposable—new way to bring your drink wherever you want, available now.

In short, it's the flask you bring when you can't bring a flask. Imagine a football game with enormous security guards, or a rock concert with enormous security guards, or pretty much anywhere with enormous security guards—places where your legendary ability to talk your way out of anything might fall on deaf ears.

That's where these come in—you'll fill the portable pouch with about seven ounces of whatever freedom you see fit. If it's something you want cold (hypothetically speaking, maybe some vodka), freeze it overnight and it'll stay frosty. If it's something you want warm (we'll say, again hypothetically, Irish coffee), the airtight lid should help keep it toasty. And if the no-fun police happen to spot you, all you're out is a foil pouch.

And if you don't get caught, it's reusable.

Again, hypothetically speaking.


Sneak-It-In Disposable Flasks

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