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UD - YouCookie Ice cream is a weapon.

Candy, chocolates, cakes—all strategic fodder in your courting arsenal.

In the interest of drawing your attention to the next great invention in the powerful world of confectionary delights, allow us to present YouCookie, a little website that's just taken the cookie to the next level. The rumors are true: it's going bespoke…

Think of YouCookie as the next best thing to having a private baker in your kitchen helping you whip up the perfect batch of sugar bombs for your holiday crush. And they've pretty much thought of any option you could possibly toss into a cookie, from pumpkin pie spice to fresh zucchini.

To get things started, you pick a cookie base, from chocolate chip to the humble snickerdoodle. Then you can really get carried away, specifying organic eggs, whole-wheat flour and tossing in everything from goji fruit to soy protein (just in case the situation calls for a little extra power). If the quiet and dainty type is your target audience, go with some ginger snaps with unsweetened applesauce and shredded coconut. For the dark and dangerous type, order up oatmeal with bittersweet chocolate chunks and organic molasses.

In addition to bars and cookies, they'll also whip up custom shakes, trail mix or chocolates for you.

We figure Design-a-Donut can't be far behind.

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