Nikki Midtown

Nikki Does Midtown

Nikki Beach...Midtown

When it comes to going out, you feel like you should have your passport on you if you're going above 27th.

Destination Midtown

Yet if you happen to work in midtown and have clients to entertain, the new Nikki Midtown (opening tonight) is the place to do it, with or without a passport. Yes, it's the same Nikki Beach you've partied at in Miami—sort of, except it's here—in Manhattan. It looks similar: there's an abundance of white pillows, black lights to make everything look abnormally white and solicitous stripper-esque waitresses dressed in mini-turquoise dresses and white patent leather boots. The only difference? People aren't as tan, and, well, there's no beach.

The Black Card
The owners say Nikki's for the business-oriented guy, the one who needs a place to take friends and clients after work. "You'll get in easily," they say, "if you have the Nikki Black card." The card ($5,000 a year), grants access to any of the Nikki Beach Clubs and to the VIP room which overlooks the rest of the club—somehow a very literal sign that you're "above" the rest and have achieved "true" success in life. Examples from the expense-it menu: the Nikki Salad ($35), the Moroccan Style Lamb Platter ($95), the Nikki seafood platter ($250).

Expense it
Unlike most downtown nightclubs, the dress code at Nikki Midtown seems to require that you wear a suit and possess more than just, ahem, one black card. The staff is clearly trained to take care of its patrons here, as long those patrons are working with a prodigious expense account.


Nikki Midtown
151 E. 50th St
(between Lexington and 3rd)
Midtown East
New York, NY, 10022

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