Home Alone No More

Home Opens VIP Lounge

 Perhaps in an attempt to tap into a sense of pseudo-familiar comfort, club and restaurant owners these days seem obsessed with names evoking your living situation: Bed, Duvet, Loft, Back Yard, Home.

A New Addition
New to the litany of bed bath and beyond named establishments is Guesthouse, a spin-off of the popular Chelsea nightclub Home.

Christened by a series of opening parties this weekend, Guesthouse is smaller, more intimate and upscale than its neighbor, Home, and a better venue for a more relaxed and sophisticated night out.

No Place Like Home
At the end of a narrow red corridor sloping down from Home, Guesthouse also has a separate entrance and a stricter door policy. Safe from younger mad-to-party sequin-clad girls and cologne-laden guys dancing on the tables next door, Guesthouse allows you to relax on brown-leather banquettes as you watch beautiful people slink around the intimate space. The candle walls, giant table-length chandelier, low lighting and dark hues are reminiscent of an uber-luxe living room, and remind you that tonight you are a guest in a very different house.


532 W. 27th St
(between 10th and 11th)
New York, NY, 10001

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