Long, Strange Trip

A 180 for Your Taste Buds

UD - Flavor Tripping at EFN Lounge As far as culinary adventure goes, you've covered your bases.

You've dined on spit-roasted baby goat, cotton candy foie gras and fish smoked tableside in a cigar box.

But today, we travel together to a new frontier—one where up is down, lemons taste like mangoes and hot sauce goes down like Kool-Aid.

Introducing Flavor Tripping at EFN Lounge, a monthly gathering based around a rare batch of perplexing, mouth-altering magic fruit, debuting Dec. 11 in DC.

On most nights, this Shaw lounge probably isn't on your regular list of haunts, but a week from Friday, the ground floor turns to a "Tripeteria," complete with neon lights, plenty of Jefferson Airplane and an unusual buffet (like a Warhol factory for foodies) of warped delights.

The reason for it all: the famous Synsepalum dulcificum berry, also known as the west African "trippy fruit," a little red pill for your palate that turns your taste buds on their heads as it blocks your sour receptors.

After you swirl it around your mouth for a few minutes, you'll turn your attention to the carefully selected buffet: strawberries will taste like gummy bears, rail tequila something more like Patrón, and, best of all, Guinness tastes something like a boozy chocolate milk.

Which you already have a noted affinity for…


Flavor Tripping at EFN Lounge
1318 9th St, NW
Washington, DC, 20001

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