Shoot First

Professional-Grade Camera for Amateur Price

Aside from a few billion dollars in box-office grosses, Spielberg's got nothing on you.

If your sterling success in the workforce still leaves something to be desired (what you really want to do is direct), you may be interested in the new RED ONE digital camera, the film industry's most recent revolutionary gadget. It means you just might be able to sneak in your Oscar while the big guy's busy with the next Indiana Jones.

Since the camera weighs just nine pounds, you can shoot from the hip just as easily as you can mount it on a crane for epic, sweeping shots. Either way, the sure-to-be-visionary action you capture won't look like your uncle's grainy St. Tropez "documentary"—the RED ONE processes images five times better than a standard high-definition camcorder, which is why your director friends are salivating all over their corduroys. The company calls its product "future-proof," which means, in addition to all the extras you can currently attach (handles, an LCD screen), the ones they haven't even thought of yet will be compatible with this model.

Because of the high-quality/low-cost combo, your humble yet stirring masterpiece could feasibly be shot for five figures instead of seven. Think of it as extra money to blow on the craft services table. Who knows, maybe you’ll even snag some actors.

After all, ingénues don't work for free.

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