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UD - Spike Your Juice You gotta hand it to the Germans: they really know how to—How do we say this politely?—imbibe creatively.

And while you already know the majority of their methods—most require bier, some require gartens—there are a few that have yet to catch on in this freedom-loving nation of ours.

Specifically, the one that involves slipping powder into your cranberry juice.

Introducing Spike Your Juice, a German-inspired form of alchemic madness that turns juice into hooch, available Stateside starting now.

As you might recall from your extensive travel (and/or drinking) in the land of the schnitzel, it's originally known as Federweisser. The Americanized version—a powder created by a handful of homesick expats—comes inside a Pixy-Stix-style wrapper, which you then pour into a 64-ounce bottle of juice (anything other than orange will do). Replace the lid with something called an Airlock—we're no chemistry majors, but it's basically an oversized hypodermic needle…for juice—and let it sit.

And then, you wait. They recommend 48 hours, but we'll say go ahead and wait a little longer—the more time you give it, the more it ferments, and the stronger it'll be. And then…drink. While you know you're not getting a fine Bordeaux—or really, any kind of Bordeaux—you'll feel secure in the knowledge that you'll have a backup bottle of fizzy, boozy juice in the fridge at all times.

And now let's learn about turning potatoes into vodka…

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