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UD - Cookie Monkey You've gotten swept up in many a dessert reboot in your day. The cupcake craze, the doughnut renaissance and your ongoing affair with bourbon milk shakes.

But somehow, through it all, the humble cookie remained untouched. Until now.

Introducing Cookie Monkey, ready to take your cookie obsession to brave new levels (think bacon, liquor and beer), now delivering in Miami.

Think of Cookie Monkey as that stoned friend in college for whom everything sounded like it would go really, really well together. Cured pork and candy corn, Kahlua and macadamia nuts, beer and white chocolate chips—they all become mix-ins for your beloved cookie dough.

The result is a cookie lover's fantasy (or maybe Cookie Monster's secret dream), and the good news is, getting your hands on them couldn't be easier: once you've devised the perfect cookie combination, give Cookie Monkey a call or shoot them an email, and they'll have that piping-hot batch out to your office party or Dolphins postgame cookie bash within 24 hours (barring any unforeseen complications with your Guinness-stout-and-chocolate-chip batter, of course).

And on that rare occasion when your cookie mad-scientist juices aren't flowing, you can choose from three house blends: a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup version, an Oreo version and the cookie that started it all, the classic chocolate chip.

There's no shame in playing it straight once in a while.

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