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Presenting the Snuggie Destroyer

UD - Selk Bag There's no escaping it: it is damn cold out today.

And after the complete whiteout of the Pats game a couple Sundays prior, you're probably debating whether it's worth those season tickets you have, what with all the layers of thermal undergarments required of you.

Well, debate no more.

Presenting the Selk Bag, a fresh, new reason to consider doing anything outdoors requiring long periods of little movement, available now by way of our friends in the UK.

Named after Chilean nomads called Selk'nam who could brave the most hostile weather conditions, the Selk Bag is like a Snuggie for your whole body, if the Snuggie had been exposed to gamma rays, beefing up its original form into an incredible bulk. You slip it on like an astronaut's suit, zip up the sides, and use the drawstrings to pull and tug the whole thing taut until it's as formfitting as mobile sleepwear can get.

You're free to stand up, walk around, do yoga or even go to the bathroom while wearing it (we suggest unzipping first). And as a bonus, the whole thing can be turned inside-out courtesy of the reversible print and zipper lining, which comes in handy if you happen to spill a drink down the front of it.

You wouldn't want to look silly.

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