Horn Again

Honk Like You Mean It

First rule of life in Los Angeles: You spend far too much time in your car.

After an hour on the 405 or two hours on the 10, you start getting some crazy ideas. What if your assistant is trying to sabotage you? What if there really is no purpose to this smoggy, traffic-choked life? And wouldn't it be great if you could blast a classic serenade artist like Rod Stewart or Tone Loc through your car horn to flirt with the beauty in the next lane?

For driving dilemmas that require creative expression, ditch the standard-issue "beep" for Horntones, the first fully customizable car horn sound system. The dash-mounted player, weather-proof speaker and amplifier create a "plug and play" system that comes with factory-uploaded sounds, but also allows you to program your own tones—replacing your unimaginative bleating with almost any sound effect, song or sound bite you can upload via the Horntones website. With 256 megs of storage plus the option of themed categories, each with nine presets, you could easily switch from Beethoven ("Ode to Joy") to Robocop ("Step away from the vehicle") to Peter Finch ("I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take this anymore!") in a single commute.

We’re guessing that last one will prove especially useful.

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