The Cheese Course

But of Course

Midtown's New Cheese Emporium

UD - The Cheese Course After a week of nothing but hustle, you deserve to relax.

We're prescribing a lazy afternoon spent over a glass of Bordeaux, an array of smoked meats and the largest cheese selection in the city.

We repeat: the largest cheese selection in the city.

Say hello to The Cheese Course, your new Tuscan farmhouse of milky rapture, open as of today in Midtown.

Proving the time-tested rule that nothing goes better with art than cheese, this fromage depot is located halfway between the galleries of Wynwood and the Design District, so you can refuel as you go from one to the other. It'll also come in handy when Art Basel rolls into town and you're looking for a quick bite between tents.

But art or no art, we're pretty certain you're going to love the cheese here—all 150 types of it, from the Humboldt Fog goat cheese from California, to the peppery Bayley Hazen Blue from Vermont (we're talking coast-to-coast curd).

And if you and your cheesemate can't decide, simply pull up to the shiny central counter and try a few samples from the constantly replenishing trays (think cubes of Manchego, slivers of pecorino and slices of Gruyère).

This is no place for lactose intolerance.


The Cheese Course
3451 NE 1st Ave
Miami, FL, 33137

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