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The Hot List: Booze Flights

We know, it's been a long week.

At this point, you might be looking for somewhere to have a drink...or six. So we've compiled a short list of the places you can sample your liquor in excessive yet socially acceptable quantities (translation: booze flights). It's like wine tasting—minus the pretension, with a thankfully elevated alcohol content. A toast: to the weekend.

Destination: Dos Caminos Park, 373 Park Ave S., 212-294-1000
Flight: Añejo Tequila
Flight Plan: Sip (or shoot) three brands of oak-aged añejo premium tequila, served with chile-spiced salt and, of course, plenty of lime.

Destination: Brandy Library, 25 N. Moore, 212-226-5545
Flight: Cognac, the VSOP (Very Superior Old Pale) flight
Flight Plan: Eight half-ounce pours of Cognac take you from a young Hennessy to a six-year-old Leopold Gourmel.

Destination: Django Restaurant, 480 Lexington, 212-871-6600
Flight: Iced Dessert Cocktails
Flight Plan: Bring your date for a rainbow of eight chilly classics, from a frozen Litchi-Sake Martini to a White Russian Milkshake.

Destination: Flatiron Lounge, 37 W. 19th St, 212-727-7741
Flight: Martini Flight of the Day
Flight Plan: Sample the famous cocktails of this art deco-inspired lounge with its three mini-martini flight, which changes daily and includes drinks both on and off the menu.

Destination: Russian Vodka Room, 265 W. 52nd St, 212-307-5835
Flight: Iced Rack of Infusions
Flight Plan: In this beyond-authentic Slavic drinking den, choose six of the place's ten house-infused vodki. Try the apple pomegranate, the spicy ginger and, for the adventurous only, the garlic-pepper-dill.

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