Fever Pitch

Libido in a Bottle (Sort Of)

UD - Fever Stimulation Beverage When it comes to matters of the bedroom, you've got no issues. None whatsoever.

But let's say, hypothetically speaking, that one day in the future you were looking to break a few records. To give the locomotive that extra jolt. To go for a fourth.

In those cases you might turn to an ambitious new elixir called Fever Stimulation Beverage, a drink that promises to amp up your libido (and hers) using nothing but herbs, vitamins and a little green tea caffeine.

Now, we realize that you may be thinking this sounds like a whole lot of marketing hogwash—and we respect that about you—but we're always willing to suspend our disbelief for the sake of a little bat-out-of-hell virility. And while you may not experience an hours-long tantric lovemaking marathon à la Sting (seriously, we hear the man is a pretzel), you may end up surprising your date with a bit more tiger intensity.

Or vice versa…you should probably each drink one.

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